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Oximetriy and patient referencing for screening of children with congenital heart disease

La Paz
Pays partenaire
Organisation partenaire dans le pays partenaire
Hospital del Niño Ovidio Aliaga Uria
Ms Dr. Med Alexandra Heath
Organisation partenaire en Allemagne
Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf
Mr Pablo Freudenthal
Durée du projet
Montant du financement
Jusqu'à 1702066 euros
Fondé par
The partnership between University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf and the Hospital del Niño Dr. Ovidio Aliaga Uria in La Paz, Bolivia, aims to reduce child mortality in Bolivia by identifying heart defects at an early stage.

Problem: Bolivia has one of the highest rates of child mortality in the region. In the overwhelming majority of cases, heart defects in children are not detected at an early stage, which prevents treatment from being initiated early on. The diversity of symptoms make a rapid diagnosis difficult.

Main activities: There are plans to introduce what is known as the Ajayu Platform. This is a system for collecting and evaluating health data, thus specifically identifying high-risk groups. Heart rates and blood tests are used in the evaluation. Data are to be gathered from 12 hospitals in Bolivia, which are linked with the Hospital del Niño Dr. Ovidio Aliaga Uria via a (national) hospital network. Medical professionals and IT staff are being trained to use the platform.

Short-term results: By evaluating relevant data, children with congenital heart defects are to be identified at an early stage.

Long-term results: Child mortality is to be significantly reduced by ensuring early diagnosis of congenital heart defects. Training for health professional will ensure sustainable data gathering in line with data privacy imperatives.

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